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Programs Offered


Professional Senior Solutions has a variety of speakers available to meet the needs of our senior population. Below we have highlighted some of the most in-demand and highest rated topics related to seniors available.

  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Medi-Cal Myths and Facts
  • Age-Proofing Your Memory
  • Financial Solutions
  • Legal Issues of seniors
  • In-Home Care – What You Can and Should Expect
  • Safety First
  • Humor in the Aging Process

We also encourage you to contact us, either by e-mail, phone, or fax. We will discuss your program in detail and recommend speakers that best fit your objectives. Our satisfied repeat clients will tell you that our experience and complete focus on your needs make us a valuable planning partner.

As you likely know, when hiring a guest speaker the choices can seem endless. Your goal, of course, is to hire the absolute best person for the job. Our panel of speakers have been screened to meet certain criteria.


We evaluate our speaker in five categories. They are:

Whether they are authors, consultants, or professional speakers, we seek individuals that treat your speaking needs with the attention it deserves. This means putting forth the thought, energy and attention to detail that it takes to make your event a success.


It's the nature of the business; some presentations go better than others. You want to hire someone whose speeches are often great, but usually exceptional. We seek speakers that are consistently rated among the most pertinent and effective speakers at their events. Documentation, such as testimonial letters and attendee evaluations, are often available to substantiate this fact.

Many of our speakers have authored books on their specialty. Others have done significant research studies on their topic. We seek speakers that are accustomed to speaking to audiences of varying sizes and demographics.


The most dreaded four syllable word when hiring a speaker? Cancellation. We look for speakers that take their commitments seriously. Some of our speakers have given thousands of presentations without missing a single engagement.

A good speaker customizes their talks to address your individual need. Many of our speakers send out questionnaires or have phone conferences with you before preparing their presentation.





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